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Transition to High School

Merryfields Transition to Year 7

The transition from primary to secondary education is often a daunting time for many parents. Regardless of whether children have attended Merryfields since an early age, or joined us more recently, we endeavour to ensure a smooth and positive transition from Y6 to Y7.

During the summer term of Year 5, we encourage parents, carers and pupils to visit prospective local special secondary schools. Many of these schools offer bespoke tours which enable parents, carers and pupils to get a real ‘feel’ for the school. It is a great opportunity to ask any questions about the pupils’ education, wellbeing and special arrangements.

In Year 6, every child will have their Annual Review meeting in the Autumn Term. We invite teachers from the secondary high schools to the meeting, which enables an initial link between parents and the high school. These meetings are well received by all involved as it starts the more formal transition process. Parents are encouraged to make the decision during the Autumn Term preparations can begin.

During the Spring Term, parents will be notified which secondary school their child has been allocated a place. From this point, the staff at Merryfields and the secondary school plan transition sessions during school time. Pupils are invited to concerts or pantomimes and to a special interactive, sensory story mornings, cookery or sports sessions and coffee mornings for parents to meet the new staff.

During the latter part of the Spring Term and during the Summer Term, secondary school staff visit the pupils in their current settings and start to learn about the types of class they are in, the level of their work, need and the equipment they use. Information is shared from the EHCP and Annual Reviews which helps secondary staff to decide what provision is needed and what reasonable adjustments would need to be made.

Pupils then have transition visits to secondary schools, supported at first by the staff from Merryfields. There are usually around three visits arranged, but then any pupil that requires more will have a separate transition plan.  On the visit days, they will join other pupils that will hopefully be in their class in September – this is a time where staff are assessing need and making sure that the pupil is in the correct group for academic or social reasons.

By the end of the Summer term, many children are looking forward to their new start at high school. We celebrate their time at Merryfields with a Leavers’ Assembly and a Leaver’s Prom in their final week before the summer holidays.

For further information regarding your child’s transition, details of local secondary special schools or anything else, please speak to your child's teacher.