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Pupil Mentor

At Merryfields School, we are very fortunate to have an experienced member of staff, who shares their expertise of supporting children with ASC, as well as other diagnoses. Julia outlines the support

I have had the pleasure of working at Merryfields for 24 years and during my time here I have been fortunate to work alongside experienced teachers and professionals. I have developed a specific interest in children on the Autistic spectrum and my knowledge and experience has enabled me to support children in their challenges of everyday aspects.

I strongly believe that supporting the children with a consistent approach in school and home brings out the best in each child. It gives parents and siblings the opportunity to support the child when carrying out everyday family routines, accessing the community and working as a family unit.

Providing a child with the correct visual support will reduce anxiety, manage behaviour, promote independence and support social acceptance. All visual support can be personalised and tailor made.

I have seen great results when introducing to families strategies like personal timetables, reward systems, social stories and comic strip conversations.  

I hold regular coffee morning for parents to come share any worries and to share their successes. Letters are sent home to every child to inform your of these dates.  I can also offer home visits, that often provide useful insight which allows me to fully support the child.