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Prefect Page

In Year 6, children have the opportunity to become the Head/Deputy Boy/Girl or a Prefect.At Merryfields, we believe Prefects should have an important role to play during the school day. 

This is a chance for pupils to increase their independence and self esteem, demonstrate their ablity to perform responsibilites and an opperutnity to act as role models for younger pupils. 

All of our senior prefects, must complete an application letter, addressed to our Headteacher before being considered for the post. After this, they are formally invited to an interview for the position with the Headteacher and the Chair of our Local Academy Board. 

Below we have some comments from our senior prefects for 2019.20. 

             Head Boy

Being Head Boy makes me feel happy. I feel more grown up and responsible. I enjoy being Head Boy because I get to do jobs and help people.


              Head Girl

Being Head Girl makes me feel happy. It is a really exciting opportunity to free my mind and be kind to people. I’m looking forward to representing the school and being a good role model.


               Deputy Head Girl

I’m really, really happy about being Deputy Head Girl because I can talk to the teachers about bad behaviour. I can help the teachers.


                Deputy Head Boy

Being Deputy Head boy makes me feel really good. I am looking forward to helping the teachers and the other children.