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Local Academy Board (LAB)

The Chair of the Local Academy Board, Dave Humphries, may be contacted at Merryfields School. More information regarding our Local Academy Board can be requested via the main office.


Name Type of Governor Term of Office Responsibilities Date Of Appointment
Dave Humphries - chair@merryfields.staffs.sch.uk Chair February 2020 Curriculum, T&L, Finance & HR, Safeguarding, Prevent, LAC February 2016
Brent Burgess Co-opted February 2020 Health and Safety February 2016
Lesley Calverley February 2020 Finance and HR February 2016
Sue Corfield February 2020 Finance & HR February 2016
Neil Brannigan Headteacher February 2020 Curriculum, T&L, Finance & HR September 2018
Sarah Poyner March 2019 Curriculum, T&L, Finance & HR February 2016
Laura James Parent Member February 2020 T&L Finance & HR February 2016
Richard Eckersley February 2020 Curriculum and Outcomes February 2016
Dave Ellis Staff Member February 2021 Curriculum and Outcomes September 2017
Sarah Latham September 2017 February 2016