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School Uniform

At Merryfields school we encourage children to adhere to our Uniform statement and for parents to support us in ensuring that children are wearing uniform.

Wearing a uniform enhance  the community feel at Merryfields and for children to identify that they belong to the community that is Merryfields School. This is an important part of self-worth and identity for our pupils and community is a topic that is addressed through our PSHE curriculum.

There are also health and safety benefits to wearing a uniform, for example, when on educational visits, pupils are identifiable to Merryfields school.


If you would like to purchase branded uniform it can be purchased here


Our uniform for all pupils is

    Black or grey trousers or skirt (in the Summer, a blue gingham dress)
  • Navy jumper or cardigan (Merryfields jumpers are available from the school office but any navy jumper or cardigan is acceptable)
  • White polo top

For P.E.;

  • White polo top
  • Black shorts
  • Trainers (black pumps are not acceptable for health and safety reasons, where children have prescription footwear, they will continue to wear these for P.E.)

For Swimming:

  • Plain, full swimming costume for girls
  • Swim trunks for boys (not baggy)
  • Towel
  • A swim cap if hair is long (and if pupil is happy to wear it)

At Merryfields, we understand that uniform needs to be fit for purpose and throughout the day pupils may be involved in a range of physical activities, for example, sensory diets. We also understand that pupils may have different preferences or sensory needs associated with clothing. For these reasons, we encourage parents to use their judgement when it comes to uniform, for example, it may be more appropriate for some pupils to wear black jogging bottoms rather than trousers. However, we must urge parents to consider health and safety considerations, for example, jewellery and other adornments may cause injury throughout the day.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding uniform, please contact school via the office.