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“Nurturing a Love of Learning for Life.”

Extra-curricular Clubs

Extra Curricular Activities 

All of our clubs and extra curricular activities are selected by staff, not only to stimulate our pupils interests or help them develop valuable skills, but so much more:

1) To nurture and encourage new talents and interests

2) To increase interest and skills, focused on recreational art activities and nurture creativity

3) Enhance Personal Development of social and communicative skills 

4) Improve pupil self esteem and wellbeing. 



To our Class 9 competitors on becoming the Stafforshire Table Cricket Primary Champions.  

To all of our classes who took part in our 'Merryfields Got Talent 2018' show.

To all classes who took part in our End of Year Street Dance Performance, demonstrating dance routines you have been learning all year. AMAZING. 


Summer After School Clubs 

During the Summer term, we have had the following extra-curricular clubs:


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Messy Play

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Computer Club

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