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“Celebrating Success and Achievement”

Pupil & Parent Testimonials

What our parents and carers say about Merryfields:

Staff are fabulous, we couldn’t wish for better support.


My child loves school life - it has made such a difference to her compared to her old school. Everyone can see the differences.


All the children are involved in school activities and accepted for their level of abilities...

What our children say about Merryfields:

"Well I used to go to a school which was not a special school like this fabulous, amazing school! I didn't like it that much it was super hard for me and tricky! + I got autism and other things like that! and this school is way better for me and I recommend it very much :)"wink



"I haven't been here that long, but I am so glad that I come to school here now. The teachers are great and the learning is dead fun! I really like that the children are friendly and kind to me and at my old school sometimes they were unkind. I love Merryfields."


"I used to be in the class with the really small children, but now I've grown up and I'm in Year 6. I really like the teachers because they help me to learn. I am looking forward to high school, but I will miss Merryfields when I'm there."


"Merryfields is amazing because I can be happy and smiley all the time."