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“Nurturing a Love of Learning for Life.”

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team                                                                   

Mr Neil Brannigan   - Headteacher, DDSL                                          

Ms Geraldine Eld   - Deputy Headteacher, DSL                                 

Mr Dave Ellis           - Assistant Headteacher                                       

Mrs Josie Atkins      - Bursar


Office Staff

Mel         - Admin Assistant

Kelly       - Admin Assistant

Andy      - Admin Assistant


Teaching Staff

EYFS - Laura, Courtney, Justine and Nicky 

Class 1 - Molly and Peter

Class 2 - Alison, Marie and Nickie

Class 3 - Damien, Jenny and Aleema

Class 4 - Christie, Sarah J and Sarah B

Class 5 - Vicky and Sarah

Class 6 - Steve, Fran, Mel B and Fran

Class 7 - Dave, Denise, Caroline, Ruth and Nadia

Class 8 - Yas, Claire and Gemma

Class 9 - Nicole (DDSL), Steph, Paul and Frankie

Class 10 - Julie, Jo, Shahida and Lisa

Class 11 - Rob, Mandy and Donna


PPA Cover

Colette and Emily


Pupil Wellbeing Team

Inclusion Support Manager - Julia

Pupil Mentor - Melissa