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Admissions Policy


All referrals to Merryfields School, must come from their Local Authority. We accept pupils from a variety of authorities; predominantly Staffordshire. The relevant Authority will give information to the school regarding pupils for whom a place at the school may be appropriate in compliance with the In Year Fair Access Protocol.

Pupils attending Merryfields School, will have an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) identifying their specific disabilities or associated learning difficulties.


  • Local Authority sends a referral request to Headteacher.
  • Headteacher reviews the referral along with other members of SLT.
  • Headteacher will respond to the Local Authority with an answer.
  • If in agreement, a parent/carer Admissions visit to school is arranged.

If parents/carers wish to view the school prior to their referral, arrangements can be made by calling Merryfields Office. A member of senior management will also be available to answer any questions.

Relevant paperwork including an up to date EHCP and will be sent to the Headteacher, who will consult other members of the SLT, before replying directly to the SEND Keyworker. In compliance with Staffordshire’s Fair Access Protocol, we aim to respond promptly (within 15 days), when approached to admit a child.

If it is decided that Merryfields may be able to effectively meet the pupil’s needs, the Headteacher will initiate a consultation period. During this time, staff from Merryfields will observe the pupil in their current setting. In some cases, it may be considered that more than one visit is required to accurately determine the suitability of our provision for this pupil. This must be organised in collaboration with the pupils current setting. The Headteacher has a responsibility to keep the Local Authority informed of all visits.      

If it is decided that Merryfields cannot effectively meet the pupil’s needs, the Headteacher has responsibility to inform the SEND Keyworker directly. Merryfields cannot cite oversubscription as the singular reason for not accepting pupils on their roll under Staffordshire’s Fair Access Protocol.  

Admissions Arrangements

Once confirmation of placement is approved at Merryfields School, the pupil’s prospective class teacher will organise an admissions meeting. All relevant professionals, parents/carers will be invited to this meeting and a member of the senior leadership team if deemed necessary. Relevant paperwork will be provided to Merryfields prior to this meeting.

During this meeting, a start date and transport will be arranged. Professional discussions are also required around the specific needs of the pupil. School can then implement strategies effectively to allow an effective transition.

If pupils are under the age of 5 years old, the Headteacher, class teacher and parents would discuss full or part time schooling to meet the needs of the pupil. All pupils over 5 years old are required to access full time education, except in temporary or exceptional circumstances.

Arranging a Visit

If you would like to know more about Merryfields School or would like to visit, please call the office on 01782 914219 and they will arrange