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“Celebrating Success and Achievement”

School Council

At Merryfields, we actively engage pupils from all classes as participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to the school.

Pupils are elected from each class where they will either listen to or actively share their views about the school and what they would like to see in the future, in order to further improve their school. They are the VOICE!

Pupils meet every half term as a whole school council group to share ideas and make suggestions as to what they would like to do as a school to make changes for the better.

The school council representatives are:

Class 1 – Max

Class 2 – Charlotte and Tadgh

Class 3 - Joseph

Class 4 – Rayene

Class 5 – Angelica

Class 6 – Harry

Class 7 – Mason

Class 8 – Owen

Class 9 – Keeley

Class 10 – Jack

Class 11 - Joshua

Merryfields policy states that “All children irrespective of background, race, ability, should be valued and feel safe within an inclusive and caring school community with an ethos of mutual respect. All individuals should feel that they can make a valuable contribution to Merryfields”.

Check back soon for the minutes taken from the meetings. 

If  you have any further questions about the school council, please speak to Julie, Class 7.