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Staffordshire County Council, Children and Lifelong Learning Directorate Education Authority will give information to the school regarding pupils for whom a place at the school may be appropriate.

Parents of children with a Statement of Educational Need indicating that Merryfields School can offer an appropriate education, will be contacted by Staffordshire County Council Education Inclusion Division, advised to arrange a visit to the school.

Before pupils under the age 5 years start school, the Headteacher, class teacher and parents discuss part-time or full-time schooling and the needs of the child. It is pointed out that transport is only provided for full time attendance, i.e. at the beginning and end of each school day.

Pupils over 5 years old will attend full time.

Pupils may be admitted at any point during the school year.

Pupils attending from outisde the Newcastle and Moorlands District area will not have transport provided by the County Council Children and Life Long Learning Directorate.